The To Do List:

    When it's time to start getting ready to sell your home, there are so many things to do it can be extremely over  whelming and stressful.


          Don't try to do everything yourself call Home Prep.  Home Prep has a system and the people in place to help you Prep your Home for sale. The first thing we do is meet with you and your Realtor. We will discuss potential issues that may  turn away potential buyers. Home Prep will then take the time to do a thorough evaluation of your home and its systems including completing a Thermo Imaging scan.


       Home Prep will then make any recommendations that may be an issue at the time a buyer requests a home inspector to do an inspection. If any issues with the systems of your home seem to be a potential problem. Home Prep will bring in one of our systems specialist to evaluate.


       Unlike most Home Inspection companies Home Prep does not want to be a jack of all trades. Home Prep has system specialists that are industry specific.


       For example: If there is a question about the condition of your carpet, will it clean up and look good to a potential buyer? Or should it be replaced ? Home Prep would have our Carpet Cleaning Specialist stop in to evaluate it for you.


        Or if there is a question about the condition of the Roof. Home Prep would bring in our roofing specialist to answer any questions that might have come about. The process applies to the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Gutters, Siding, Foundation, Masonry, and even Indoor Air Quality and more Home Prep has it covered.


       After the evaluation is complete. Home Prep will provide you with a comprehensive detailed estimate  for any of the services that may be required to make your home ready to sell quickly. All of the Home Prep estimates are based on industry standardized pricing software that is updated nation wide monthly. Including labor fees, materials, profit and overhead. Home Prep does not have any hidden fees you will know the cost to complete the services needed.


      If you decide not to use Home Prep for any of the services after the evaluation and estimate, Home Prep has a nominal fee of $500.00. However if you do use Home Prep for the needed work some or all  of this fee will may be waved.